I want a Bride not a Scam
Mail Order Brides

This is exactly why you should visit Hot Russian Brides® website. We have taken scam prevention to the next level by enforcing strict requirements for any girls who wants to list as mail order brides with us. Before any girl is accorded a profile that you can see, we meet her, in person or by video. We do our best based on the interview and the documentation she submits to ensure she is who she represents herself to be.

Our process is simple but the double validation phase is key to ensuring you are not scammed. Two separate admins validate all mail order brides’ paper work. Once we are sure of our applicants, we train them in our anti-scamming policy. We make sure all of our mail order brides have passed the anti-scamming training before you meet anyone.Even with the stringent process we enforce, there may still be scamming. This is where our valued clients come in. If you feel you have been scammed, contact us. Please understand that many of our girls are not native English speakers and that there is sometimes electronic or environmental factor that interfere with clear communication. We encourage our clients to allow for misunderstanding and try to clear them up before logging an official complaint. We investigate each complaint of scamming and have a zero tolerance scamming policy.

I Visited the Site and I see Many Beautiful Women: Why Do They Want to Leave Home? 

Yes, Russian and Ukrainian women are known for their physical beauty, but even beautiful women are interested in adventure and travel. The advantages of Canada and America are known the world over. Many of our girls want the life they have come to know from reading, the internet and television. This does not mean they all expect to be rich; but they know of the educational opportunities, career development advantages and home conveniences of North America and wish to share them. Additionally, just as you have tastes in women, our girls have tastes in men and many are attracted to North American men.

What are Russian and Ukrainian Women Like?

Of course it is difficult to generalize about groups, but from our extensive experience and the many profiles we have created, we are confident that we have enough diversity represented on our site to meet the most demanding expectations. We have profiles of fashionable, strong, Russian women who are looking for adventure and excitement in the new world. We have Ukrainian mail order brides seeking a sweet, domestic life; who love cooking and home care, yet can pitch into other tasks as while maintaining that element of fun of which men never tire. Visit the site, chat with potential mail order brides; experience the chemistry of attraction and the titillation of international dating. If you find your life mate, good for you; if you make international friends rather than finding a bride, good for you also. There is no losing when you contact our brides; you will have fun and may hit the marriage jackpot.

I haven’t had Luck using Matching Services in the Past 

Part of what makes us different is that we are not a matching site. We provide the opportunity for men and women to meet each other. Our mail order brides and our clients make their own matches. The advantage in our method is that we make room for chemistry. You may have all the same interests as a women, but when you meet, there are no sparks. By enabling you to meet and get to know each other in a safe environment, you can test the chemistry with a variety of potential brides.

Unparalleled Customer Service

We are here to ensure you are completely satisfied with our service. Call us; open a chat session; send us an email; communicate in any manner you choose and we will reply. We will keep working until we make it right.


Full Transparency

We have nothing to hide; we are offering introductions to some of the most beautiful, alluring, and interesting Russian and Ukrainian women in the world. We do all we can to make this service both useful and enjoyable. Our site is the portal to potential love matches, but it is also a valuable resource for you. Read our blogs; review our FAQs; learn from our Tips. We keep adding more information and tutorials to our site to serve you better. We are never out of reach so do not hesitate to contact us at www.hotrussianbrides.com. We sincerely hope you find your dream mail order brides at our site.